Aiming at the finest quality and predictability, SIGNATURE prostheses are specified by our technical team from the study of your needs. There is no differentiation of materials or techniques, just the commitment to always offer our best to you and your patients.


Our prostheses without metal, including high performance ceramics (zirconia, lithium disilicate, etc.) with different degrees of translucency and color to achieve the top in aesthetics.


These are prostheses and metallic or metal-ceramic structures made by the CAD/CAM method and induction smelting for greater accuracy, reproducibility and longevity.


Temporary prostheses made to prepare and serve the patient while the final prostheses are being fabricated.

All FREESIGN and SOLIDSIGN prostheses can include, at no additional cost, the manufacturing of physical mockups according to your needs, and they are produced with materials and equipment certified by the main regulatory agencies of Brazil, USA, Europe and Japan.


As a member of SIGNATURE CLUB, you are part of a select group of professionals united by technical excellence and valuing unique experiences related to health, wellness and aesthetics. You also have access to our service space and to all our online and in-person training events. Another added benefit is our team of consultants who are at your disposal, working behind the scenes so your work is always a success.


The SIGNATURE FORM application allows you to carry out prosthetic requests directly from your iPhone, including images and eliminating the printed order of services, thus offering greater convenience and speed.


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